I started my business out of a place of desperation, with the hopes of making just $200/month to help with groceries, diapers, and paying off a student loan.  I didn’t have any capital to invest in products, supplies or the basic start-up costs of my business.  I was blessed to have a family who believed in me and supported my business in the early days, making it possible.

While I can’t offer free services to everyone, we do have a small number of scholarship positions available for those who are just starting out and are unable to pay the monthly membership fees.  I hope that this community of creative entrepreneurs as well as the information shared here will be the boost that your business needs to make it profitable and potentially a game-changer for you and your family.

We accept these applications based on the honor system and ask that you only apply if you truly cannot pay the membership fee.

This is an application for a scholarship (free) three-month membership to Mustard Seed Mentoring. 

Your name will be added to the waitlist for when we are accepting more scholarship applications.


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