Creative business mentoring with Marian Parsons (aka Miss Mustard Seed)

Live weekly sessions with Marian & expert guests

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Access to our resource library filled with practical tools, tips & tutorials to help you grow your creative business

Some of our current members are saying…

Mustard Seed Mentoring gave me the encouragement and is committed to helping me develop the necessary skill set to design, launch and grow a creative business. Marian strategically designs the one-on-one sessions to help you grow while providing manageable solutions and suggestions. The mentoring group is the best community of women I have ever been a part of. I love the Tuesday sessions and conversations on the “forum”.

I could not have taken the huge leap of faith I did without Mustard Seed Mentoring.  The one-on-one sessions have provided me with insights into being a creative entrepreneur that would have taken me years to figure out on my own. The weekly group sessions have allowed me to work at my own pace and focus on areas where I need the most guidance. With love and support, this community has helped me connect my strengths and passions, and is bringing my business to the next level. So thankful for Mustard Seed Mentoring!

The Mustard Seed Mentoring group exposed me to like-minded souls who were willing to share challenges, advice, and celebrations. The one-on-one with Marian led me to assume less, ask more, and believe in myself. The group started a ripple effect that continues today. I have broadened my entrepreneur tribe, grown as a person, visited Italy with a few from the group, and found a purpose. The group breathed life into a gal that was struggling to find her new identity. Thanks for the gentle nudges!!😉🧡

MMS mentoring gave me the encouragement and tools I needed to create a website, tackle photography, and start blogging. I also created an Instagram account, learned how to post on there and I now have over 100 followers. I love interacting with the creative members. The support and information are proving to be invaluable!!

Our Mustard Seed Mentoring team, led by Marian Parsons (Miss Mustard Seed), is eager to support, encourage, equip, and invest in you, so that you can


grow into a more confident, inspired, productive, and strategic creative entrepreneur.

we invest
in you, so you can
move mountains in your business.

our areas of expertise in creative business



SOCIAL MEDIA influence

online, consignment, co-op, or market RETAIL
(specifically antiques and home décor)

buying & selling ANTIQUES

FURNITURE flipping

product DESIGN, development, and management


what type of mentoring is right for you?


live coaching
learning from experts
a real life look at business


JOIN A community of kindred spirits…

weekly live coaching

One of our mentors will join you through LIVE WEEKLY VIDEOS, sharing encouragement, inspiration, and information on a variety of relevant topics. 

a real-life look at business

We will share about our businesses with vulnerability, so you can LEARN FROM OUR SUCCESSES AND MISTAKES.    

learning from experts

We don’t have all of the answers, so we’ll bring in influencers and experts to share their EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE, so we can all benefit from it and grow together! 


A part of GROWING TOGETHER is challenging ourselves and going outside of our comfort zones.  Let’s do some of those challenges together!  These challenges can focus on earning immediate income, growing a social media platform, launching a new idea, reading a business book together, or achieving a healthy work/life balance. 


Mustard Seed Mentoring GROUP Membership – $147/mo

  • Full access to our EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK FORUM of mentors and creative business owners and the videos and content shared there
  • Full access to our constantly growing RESOURCE LIBRARY of videos and content, including interviews with experts
  • An opportunity each month to apply for and be awarded a one-time $500 SCHOLARSHIP to invest in your business
  • Weekly LIVE MENTORING sessions with Marian



This investment in your business recurs monthly and you can cancel at any time!


What if I can’t afford Mustard Seed Mentoring? 

First off, check out Marian’s Business Resource Page.  There, you will find blog posts, book & podcast recommendations and it’s all free!

We understand that some businesses are started in the lean times.  Maybe the business is even started because of that lean time.  There is the hope that your creative ideas and talents can generate enough income to simply help pay the bills.  Marian was in a place like this when she started her business, so she knows firsthand how important mentoring is to someone in that situation.  For that reason, we have a limited number of 3-month membership scholarship slots for people who are starting or running their business out of a place of financial hardship.  You can apply for a scholarship HERE.


who is mustard seed mentoring for?

Anyone who owns a business in a creative industry who wants to grow, revamp, or rethink their business. Our current members are bloggers, retailers, artists, photographers, makers…you get the idea! They offer services and goods online and in brick & mortar stores.



hey, I fit in that group!  why would I want to join?

Here’s what some of our members said they’ve gained from Mustard Seed Mentoring…


Necessary skills to achieve goals

Increased profits

Increased technical knowledge

A needed “kick in the seat”

A supportive community

I’m already busy, how can I fit mustard seed mentoring into my schedule?

We understand busy!  But sometimes we’re busy doing the wrong things, right?  We’re spinning our wheels.  Are you running your business or is your business running you?  In our sessions and forums, we talk about working smarter by multiplying content and making more money off of each product.  As far as the time commitment, Mustard Seed Mentoring meets once a week for about an hour.  The sessions are live, but are recorded, so you can watch them when it’s convenient for you.  You can work at your own pace and participate in the forum as much or as little as you want. 

our approach to creative business –



It’s hard to create when you are feeling stressed by a huge loan hanging over your head or weighed down by unrealistic demands on your time and energy!  We will never encourage you to incur debt, grow beyond where you’re comfortable, or work yourself to the point of burnout. 



You have to feel good about yourself and your work at the end of the day, so integrity is paramount.  We will never even suggest slimy marketing, icky business tactics, or creating anything that doesn’t come from a place of authenticity.


treat it like a business

It’s okay to make money while doing something you love!  It’s a business and it should be profitable.  We want to help you maximize those profits!


progress over perfection

Sometimes a business will explode overnight, but most of the time, it’s an agonizingly slow creep.  We will celebrate any kind of progress, no matter how small!  Those small steps all add up and you’ll be passing your goals before you know it.


follow your curiosity

Your creative brain is an amazing thing and we believe it’s okay to let the business brain take a backseat sometimes in order to pursue a new creative venture that excites or intrigues you.  We don’t believe you have to fit in one neat category and stay there.


create balance and sustainability

When you’re a one-woman-show, it’s easy to work yourself to exhaustion, especially if you really love what you do.  You are productive, but you eventually crash.  Your business needs to offer a healthy work/life balance and sustainability. 

our promises to you


We promise that we’ll ENCOURAGE you to run your business with intention.

We promise to LISTEN to your important, unique story and get to know your talents and gifts, so we can act as a mirror and help you see them, too.     

We promise to teach with HONESTY & INTEGRITY.  No games.  No tricks. No gimmicks.

We promise to SHARE GENEROUSLY so that you can benefit from our acquired knowledge, successes, and failures.

We promise to CELEBRATE all victories with you, no matter how small. 

We promise to invest in you because YOU ARE THE DIFFERENCE-MAKER in your business.

business topics

social media
and story

and blogging

and services

organic marketing
AND promotion

styling and

product development
and design

goals AND

AND message

the business
of business

Some of our current members are saying…

Mustard Seed Mentoring gave me courage to start blogging and encouragement to pursue my creative endeavors. This group provides a supportive community and collaboration opportunities, and I am especially thankful for the assistance with many technical questions!  Even though I have a business background, being a creative entrepreneur is unique, and the mentoring team and other members are incredibly knowledgeable and talented. I am very thankful to be a part of this group!

Mustard Seed Mentoring group is really a community of compassionate people of all levels of entrepreneurship. Everyone here, no matter how big/small/new/been-there-done-that you are, contributes and learns. These people speak my love language. I am so grateful to experience it!

Mustard Seed Mentoring provided a needed kick in the seat of my pantaloons to submit my first magazine proposal in fifteen years. I’m excited that my project will be published in early 2020 and that the mentoring has provided me with the tools to maximize the exposure into multiple revenue streams.